Our marshals that are used on the route are equipped with the following materials:

Handheld radio

Safety vest

Fire extinguisher

Flag set with 7 different flags


Oil binding agent



If necessary, a shovel and a rake are added depending on the work area

All Equipment

1. Pcs. Fiat Talento 9th seater

1. Pcs. Trailer

1. Pcs. Race director flag set

1. Pcs. piece of iron rake

1. Pcs. Sledgehammer

1. Pcs. piece of shovel

1. Pcs. Team tent

1. Pcs. stopwatch

1. Pcs. Scoreboard

2. Pcs. Traffic cone

14. Pcs. Parasol

14. Pcs. Umbrella stand

14. Pcs. Oil binding agent bucket

14. Pcs. Street brooms

14. Pcs. Flag sets

18. Pcs. Fire extinguishers

18. Pcs. Safety vests

36. Pcs. Radios including accessories

Div. tool