End of the race!

The race is over and after this lap all vehicles have to go into the pits.

Danger, overtaking prohibited, drive slowly

Yellow flag held: overtaking prohibited, danger on the route

Waving the yellow flag: Do not overtake! Danger right ahead!

Yellow flag waved twice: keep ready to brake, because blocked route ahead!

Free travel again!

Restart, the race is released again.

From here on there is no longer any danger on the route.

Attention - slippery or dirty route!

Oil, dirt, vehicle parts or the onset of rain make the route slippery or dirty

Complete termination of the race

The race must be stopped or interrupted immediately!

Have the vehicle overtaken!

An F1 driver is signaled that he is hindering an overtaking / lapping attempt.

Warning - a vehicle with reduced speed is on the track!

for example: security vehicle, ambulance, ...

Incorrect behavior!

A warning for unsportsmanlike conduct is displayed with the number of the car.

Disqualified - Immediately in the box

Is displayed with the number of the car and the driver must come into the pits after three laps at the latest!

Technical problems on the vehicle!

The vehicle is defective, come to the pits after the lap!

Is displayed with the number of the car.